R&D Machinist, Made Cascade LLC



Program and machine parts on modern CNC machining equipment, including lathes, mills and routers. Iterate and develop parts as projects progress, and participate in collaborative efforts to improve the design of parts and assemblies, as well as the method for manufacturing them. Utilize CAD software (Solidworks) in addition to CAM software to aid in the process of part design, and work as a team member with design and production staff to make projects successful.



  • Run CNC equipment (as well as manual machines as necessary) in production and prototyping capacities
  • Run multiple machines simultaneously as required
  • Check and monitor parts being run; maintain attention to detail in every aspect of the project
  • Program parts using Fusion 360 and HSM Works
  • Have proficiency with Solidworks design software
  • Create, interpret and revise manufacturing drawings
  • Perform typical post-production such as deburring, polishing, etc.
  • Perform QC and dimensional verification to ensure standards are maintained
  • Perform daily and periodic maintenance on machines (fluid levels, chip clearing, etc.)
  • Be accountable and on time; maintain clean and orderly workspace
  • Work as a team member and maintain a scrutinous eye for ways that a part or a project could be improved (this is not simply button pushing or "turn off your brain" machining)
  • At times when machining work may be light, contribute to the R&D effort through CAD work or collaborative problem solving with other members of the design and manufacturing team



  • Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time
  • Operate in a shop environment that is frequently noisy
  • Wear proper PPE as required by task
  • Lift or move approximately 10-50 lbs regularly
  • Operate small forklift or pallet jack
  • Occasionally assist team members in other projects throughout the shop, like relocating equipment, etc. • Use hand and power tools (with wood and metal) in a basic or “homeowner” capacity at a minimum



  • Compensation for this position will be negotiated based on prior work experience and applicable job skills at the time of consideration
  • Paid vacation


Company Mission

Our mission is to create outstanding hardware and product solutions, working to be a force multiplier and a go-to resource, to eliminate barriers and to bring ideas successfully to life.

Made Cascade strives to provide superior service to customers and vendors alike, in design expertise, consultation, and deliverables, with the constant goal of adding value to every step of the design and manufacturing process.


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