Made Cascade

At your service is an engineering department, manufacturing consultant and production shop, ready to help make your project successful. 

We are creative, collaborative, forward-thinking and practical in our work, with the constant goal of creating the best possible design and hardware solutions for our clients. 

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Made Cascade is an all-in-one design and manufacturing company, adaptable to many roles and industries.

We are a design studio with built-in prototyping and production, taking ideas from concept to prototype, to finished product, ready for production or fielding. We work with a variety of clients, from entrepreneurs to small and large businesses, in industries such as consumer products, appliances, automotive and marine, industrial equipment, factory automation, food service, and more. 

We operate as a design contractor offering CAD services, engineering support and manufacturing consulting, while also serving as a manufacturing vendor for prototyping and small/medium production of parts and assemblies. We work in both the design and manufacturing roles simultaneously and continuously, allowing us to iterate and revise prototypes with competitive speed as we work toward a final version.

Our comprehensive array of services and our fast operational tempo make us a great choice for anyone looking to develop a product, piece of equipment, specialty tool, or custom hardware solution - especially if starting from scratch.

For many of our customers, we are the first and only phone call they need to make when looking to develop a project or idea; we cover the whole spectrum from design to market-ready or field-ready product, and we have a network of industry partners and third party resources to aid in the developmental process.

As much or as little as necessary, Made Cascade works on behalf of the client, serving as primary project manager and go-between with external vendors as the project unfolds. When utilized in this way, we do more than simply provide designs and prototypes; our position in the industry allows us to coordinate our in-house operations with external ones, to simplify the process and reduce the client's workload.

In many cases we augment the existing resources of our customers, serving on-demand as an added resource and force multiplier for their engineering staff and production equipment.  We call this operating on a surge-capacity basis, allowing clients to better develop their emerging projects and technologies, or respond to unforseen demands on their full-time staff.   

Made Cascade is located in the Ballard industrial district of Seattle and has a growing presence in product development  for industrial, commercial and consumer applications.