Mechanical Engineer, Made Cascade LLC



Conduct design, prototyping and development work for customer projects, as well as in-house projects original to Made Cascade. Apply conceptual design methods such as drafting/rendering in CAD, as well as group discussion and collaboration to cooperatively solve design problems and develop ideas. Utilize hands-on skills and employ shop tools/processes including fabrication, machining, assembly and testing to develop and improve designs, either as a standalone product, or as part of a system or assembly. Projects vary in size and scope, and multiple projects will be worked on concurrently.



  • Utilize CAD software (primarily Solidworks) to create new parts or modify existing parts and assemblies          
  • Create/manipulate manufacturing drawings as either a customer deliverable or as an inherent task within a project
  • Purchase components or hardware as needed and communicate with vendors/suppliers
  • Employ shop tools and machinery to manufacture and prototype components
  • Communicate with customers and serve as a point of contact or project manager as dictated by the scope of a given project
  • Collaborate and contribute in discussions (both formal and informal) to enhance solutions to design challenges
  • Participate in cleaning and maintenance of shop and office spaces, and clean up after any individual project or task carried out
  • Receive additional duties and responsibilities as required



  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering, or engineering-related field or equivalent experience
  • Working knowledge of Solidworks with the ability to create and manipulate parts/assemblies/drawings
  • Confidence within a shop setting and the ability to use hand and power tools as necessary, as well as to receive training for specific machinery and larger tools
  • Desire to learn and improve one’s knowledge around mechanical systems, engineering principles, materials, general manufacturing methods and product development



Compensation for this position is negotiated between Made Cascade and the prospective party, and is determined prior to the completion of the hiring process.


Company Mission

Our mission is to create outstanding hardware and product solutions, working to be a force multiplier and a go-to resource, to eliminate barriers and to bring ideas successfully to life.

Made Cascade strives to provide superior service to customers and vendors alike, in design expertise, consultation, and deliverables, with the constant goal of adding value to every step of the design and manufacturing process. 


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